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Small healthcare practices have all the same HIPAA obligations as large hospitals, but none of the support or resources. 

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  • Patient privacy as a civil right
  • Cybersecurity risks
  • HIPAA Compliance

Three Easy Ways to Fail a HIPAA Audit

by Michael Herrick,

70% of small medical practices screened by HHS failed their HIPAA audit on the very first question. How would your small medical practice fare?

Get a handle on your HIPAA strategy by joining Michael Herrick from for "Three Easy Ways to Fail a HIPAA Audit". We’ll look at three common problems for small medical practices, including the number one reason for failing a HIPAA security audit, failure to conduct a thorough risk assessment.

Data breaches are on the rise and the Department of Health and Human Services is heating up the enforcement. Join us to make sure your small practice is ready.

About the speaker

Michael Herrick is the founder of, an Albuquerque based risk-management firm. Michael is a dynamic, engaging speaker. This presentation will give you confidence that you can tackle HIPAA and encourage you to get started or go farther.


One hour presentation, very interactive with plenty of questions and answers. We require a screen or projector with an HDMI input. Mic needed only for very large groups.

  • Today's HIPAA Compliance Environment
    • Data breaches on the rise
    • Health records sold on the black market
    • Sources of healthcare data breaches
    • Fines from the Office of Civil Rights
  • Risk Assessments
    • How do you really assess risk?
    • Threats, Vulnerabilities, Controls
    • Likelihood, Effectiveness, Impact
    • Risk levels and priorities
    • More than a checklist
  • Business Associates
    • Which vendors need a BAA?
    • Requirements of a Business Associate Agreement
    • Business Associate Red Flags
  • Policies and Procedures
    • If it's not documented, it didn't happen
    • Security, Technical, and Administrative Policies
  • Continuous improvement
    • HIPAA compliance is a journey, not a destination
    • Get started now!


Michael has already presented to many of your Albuquerque colleagues on HIPAA. Contact us today to book a presentation to your group!

The New Mexico HIMSS Chapter hosted an event with Michael Herrick as our featured speaker. His presentation, Three Easy Ways to Fail a HIPAA Audit was very informative and highly engaging. His command of the subject matter was impressive and his ability to connect this very specific subject to the attendees was remarkable. I highly recommend other organizations have Michael inform their members on this topic.
—Curt Schatz, NM-HIMSS President
As a leader of NM Medical Group Management Association, I found Michael Herrick from to be very informative and exceptional in presenting compliance issues that addresses risk analysis, technical vulnerability assessments, and other HIPAA solutions for any Medical Practice. We would highly recommend Michael Herrick and his team, and look forward to working with him in the future.
—Diane Ledesma, president NM-MGMA

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